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TCS Taxila / Call letter of my son from PAF sargodha yet not deliveree by TCS office Taxila

TCS Taxila Reviews & Complaints By: Khair Muhammad Contact information: TCS Taxila TCS taxila Call letter of my son Muhammad Hassan Khan sent from PAF college Sargodha TCS office Sargodha with out delivered to me returned back PAF college Sargodha on 26_9_20 .PAF college Sargodha again call me that they returned back through TCS vide …

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TCS / Illegal shipment carried out in my ID by TCS staff

TCS Reviews & Complaints By: Muhammad Faisal Contact information: TCS karachi Dear sir, Against the subject matter of the Tracking. required inquiry for details whose booked this consignment with my name and ID used for it. Required detail mentioned of the below immediately. The name of the person who booked it The person’s NIC …

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TCS / Refund Fee

TCS Reviews & Complaints By: Qamer Contact information: TCS Islamabad اسلام علیکم سر میں نے ڈگری اٹیسٹڈ اور ایکویلنس کے لیے فیس جمع کروائی تھی۔ مگر HEC نے دو دفعہ ریجکٹ کی۔اب ایکویلنس کے لیے کنفرم ہو گئی ہے ۔ میں دوبارہ TCSآفس گیا ڈگری اٹیسٹیشن کے لیے تو انھوں نے کہا فیس بڑھ گئی …

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Tcs / Delevery not properly

Tcs Reviews & Complaints By: Mohammad adnan Contact information: Tcs Dadyal azad Kashmir لاہور سےپارسل بھیجا گیا۔ ڈڈیال والے ڈیلیوری کرنے کے بجائے واپس بھیجنے کی دھمکیاں دیتے ہیں۔ اور ڈیلیوری ارجنٹ کروائی گئی تھی پھر بھی تین دن تک ڈیلیوری نہیں کی گئی۔ عملہ انتہائی بدتمیزی سے پیش آتا ہے

tcs services / slow and lazy process

tcs services Reviews & Complaints By: khalil ur rehman Contact information: tcs services bannu home میں نے ان لائن خریداری فیصل اباد سے بک کروائی گئی ۔جسکو ٹی سی ایس والوں نے 19 ستمبر کو پک کیا جسکا میسج بھی مجھے ملا کہ اپکا ار ڈر مدینہ ارٹس والوں سے سی این 774613001878 سے پک …

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TCS Depalpur / Un-delivery of Motro Cycle Registeration Card

TCS Depalpur Reviews & Complaints By: Khushi Muhammad Contact information: TCS Depalpur Depalpur Respected Sir, The staff of TCS Depalpur is extremely irresponsible and has inappropriate attitudes. They do not deliver my Motorcycle Registeration Card to my home address nor contact with me. Instead of it, they have kept my card for a few days …

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Consignment no.40072637084 / Delay in delivery

Consignment no.40072637084 Reviews & Complaints By: Khalid pervaz Contact information: Consignment no.40072637084 Lahoy NA My smart card of my car is delaying your staff, Talking on phone but reported unable to contact Call received from these nos. Alternative days, 03075029570 Fraz Ali 03024093911 name unknown Asked about address but not delivered

Tcs late delivery / late delivery

tcs late delivery Reviews & Complaints By: Muhammad Nouman Contact information: tcs late delivery ٹریفک پولیس آفیس راجن پور سے میرا ڈرائیونگ لائسنس آنا تھا 10ستمبر کو روانہ کیا ہے آفس والوں نے میرے آئ ڈی کارڈ کے ایڈریس پر،لیکن ابھی تک نہیں آیا ٹریکنگ نمبر 40072176003

Tcs / Insurance issue

Tcs Reviews & Complaints By: Syed Asim Contact information: Tcs Karachi I deliver 1 laptop LCD via tcs with insurance my LCD coast 10,000/= they charge delivery charges 1930/= plus insurance charges they checked proper before packing when my Frnd went for receiving he open box front of tcs person at his office LCD …

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Letter / missing letter

letter Reviews & Complaints By: shumaila Contact information: letter khairpur Nathan shah tcs my mamo send me letter in the may 6 2020 in the TCS from khairpur Nathan shah .but my is missing in TCS office

TCS / Missing Shipment

TCS Reviews & Complaints By: Adnan Zahid Contact information: TCS ISLAMABAD Dear sir, my shipment coming from karachi to islamabad.but i recieve msg through tcs he didnt find my location.but he didnt contact my shipment is very important so plz do something.i call many times to tcs helpline but he asked me your …

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TCS / My tablets are still missing

TCS Reviews & Complaints By: Muhammad khan Contact information: TCS Quetta My TCS was dispatched at 10 of September which reached quetta on 12 September. Final shipment was to district duki Balochistan, it’s going to disturb me mentally. Even after 5 days my tablets are still there in quetta TCS office

TCS agent / Received to some unknown person

TCS agent Reviews & Complaints By: Asif raza Contact information: TCS agent Rawalpandi Tracking Number – 4709111101 Sir may nay Karak say paf base rawalpandi may waheed k name per ek letter send kia tha liykan TCS agent nay kise arsalan ko hand over kar dia hai.

Tcs Pakistan / Not delivered and have no specific reason why it isn’t delivered yet!

Tcs Pakistan Reviews & Complaints By: Sharjeel Hussain Contact information: Tcs Pakistan Karachi Amt Pakistan has sent me a parcel using TCS Pakistan but I didn’t received the parcel yet when I contact TCS Pakistan even multiple time they have the same lame excuse that our system is not updated yet. It’s now almost …

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Touqir ahmed / 5564832715

Touqir ahmed Reviews & Complaints By: Ali raz Contact information: Touqir ahmed Gumbat Tcs gumbat 8.9.2020 sir plz send me my patient is thalesemia 2 days ago send men gumbat to karachi .

TCS / 3737322

TCS Reviews & Complaints By: Farheen Zahra Contact information: TCS Karachi I have lost my shippment tgat hasnot delivered nor i received back. Booked on dated 17 Aug 2020 , still in pending no record found, all staff on helpline are helpless including floor manager Zeeshan & Ms. Rida Zehra,. I am continiously calling …

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