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By: Zakaullah Qureshi

Contact information:
Al Harmain Builders Property Management Company in Rawalpindi RAWALPINDI

To whom this may concern.

Dear sir / madam,
Regarding: Alharmain Builderss & Property Advisor, Adiala Road, Rawalpindi
Al Harmain Builders – Property Management Company in Rawalpindi (
My name is Zakaullah Qureshi. I am an oversea Pakistani. I live in the UK from the last 23 years. I don’t know much about the property dealers in Pakistan and how the property buying system works there.
We wanted to buy a house for our family in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. I had seen a property advertised by the Al Harmain Builders & Property Advisor Al Harmain Builders – Property Management Company in Rawalpindi ( on the Their main person name (who took deposit from me) is Abdul Hameed, contact number 0092 (0)3331453773.
The advertised property was in Munawar colony / Hill view off the Adiala Road, Rawalpindi for Rs. 6000000 (60 Lakhs). House Of 1125 Square Feet Available In Munawar Colony Munawar Colony, Rawalpindi ID47403773 –
I had negotiated and agreed the price to Rs. 5000000 (50 lakhs), but I was reluctant to pay any deposit. These people didn’t want to give me the copies of any documentations to get it checked from the relevant departments. They had assured me that, I can trust them unconditionally and my money will be like Amanut with them. If anything, will go wrong, they will give me the money back. They said this is the matter of their credibility and my money will be secure with them.
They asked me to pay them a deposit (bayana) Rs. 200,000. Later they sent me the copies of the property registry. I got it checked through the land registry and property was bank pledged and had outstanding bank loan. The advertised property was not possible to sale until the loan is fully paid back to the bank.
After taking deposit (bayana), they had readvertised property on the for Rs. 6500000 (65 Lakhs). They wanted me to pay outstanding loan of Rs. 3500000 (35 Lakhs) to the bank and sell property to me again for Rs. 6100000 (61 Lakh).
I said, I am willing to buy this property at the agreed price but I wouldn’t pay any more money or someone’s loan. They said, if I will pay Rs. 3500000 (35 lakh), they can give ne a guaranteed cheque to assure me that my money will be safe. But I refused to pay someone’s outstanding loan and asked them to give me my money back.
As a principle my deposit should come back with the matching amount. Rather I had been contacting them over 4 weeks. They still haven’t given me my deposit back and readvertised the same property on the
I have the proof of Rs. 200000 deposit paid from my bank in Pakistan, their messages on my what’s app, deposit on a stamp paper, and the pictures they had sent for another deposit taken from someone else after taking bayana (deposit) from me.

If this was other way around, then they would have kept my deposit. Therefore, I need help to get my money back with the matching amount.
They are involved in fraudulent activities and making overseas Pakistani fool by advertising and selling bank pledged properties. I believe their trading activities will be seized to prevent innocent Pakistanis to fall in their traps. These culprits should be punished by the law enforcing authorities.
If any more information or documents are required then please don’t hesitate to contact me.
Zakaullah Qureshi
Mobile: 0044 (0)7735611162
Email: [email protected]

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