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By: Muhammad Ammar

Contact information:
https:// Lahore

Dear [Consumer Complaint Department],

I am writing to formally file a complaint against Bookkaru, a bus ticket booking service in Pakistan. I have encountered severe issues with their customer service, particularly regarding a delayed refund for a bus ticket booking. Despite multiple attempts to resolve this issue with the company, I have received no satisfactory resolution, and the delay in refund processing has reached an unacceptable level.
Background Information:
1. My name is Muhammad Ammar, and my contact number is 0348-6769831.
2. I did not voluntarily cancel my tickets. To my surprise, upon reaching the terminal on the scheduled date, I was informed that Bookkaru had unilaterally canceled my tickets, causing me significant inconvenience and distress.

Communication and Response:
1. I have reached out to Bookkaru’s customer service multiple times regarding my refund request.
2. They assured me that my refund was being processed but failed to provide any concrete information or a timeline for the refund.

Protracted Delay:
1. The refund request was made well over 79 working days ago, far exceeding the 30 working days timeline provided by Bookkaru for processing refunds.
2. This delay has caused me significant inconvenience and financial strain.

Lack of Urgency and Professionalism:
I am deeply disappointed by the lack of urgency and professionalism displayed by Bookkaru’s customer service team in handling this matter.

Request for Resolution:
In my last communication with Bookkaru, I extended a final grace period of 3 days from the date of the email, which expires on October 26, 2023. I insisted on receiving a comprehensive update on the status of my refund and a precise timeline for when the funds will be credited back to my Jazzcash account (Account Number: 0348-6769831, Account Title: Muhammad Ammar). I also attached all email conversations with Bookkaru, which reflect the history of our communication and their assurances.

Consumer Complaint Request:
I am now filing a formal complaint with the Pakistan Consumer Complaint Department to seek assistance in resolving this issue.

Desired Outcome:
I request the Pakistan Consumer Complaint Department’s intervention to ensure that Bookkaru promptly processes my refund and provides me with the funds owed to me. I have been patient and cooperative throughout this ordeal, and I believe that this issue should be resolved without further delay. Specifically, I request that Bookkaru refunds the amount from my Bookkaru wallet to my Jazzcash account (Account No: 0348-6769831, Account Title: Muhammad Ammar).

I look forward to your prompt action and assistance in this matter. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you require any additional information or documentation regarding my complaint.


Muhammad Ammar
Contact No: 0348-6769831
Email: [email protected]

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* Go to page
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1 thought on “Bookkaru / Formal Complaint Regarding Delayed Bus Ticket Refund in My Jazzcash Account”

  1. amir shahbaz

    Aoa I accedienlty purchased a lahore to islamabad ticket of date 4 feb 2024 instead of 3 feb 2024.

    My intended date of travle is 3 feburary 2024 but I mistakely purchase ticket of 4 feburay 2024.Upon realising I immediatly contact help line and inform them about incident and asked them refund or change my travel date but the company denied and I have to buy another ticket.
    Booking ID 685718 ( business class lahore to islamabad)
    PNR 12402036979580

    Did you get lead with customer servise of company


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