Cantt View Tower / not permitting us to see our flat

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By: Mamoona shahab

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Cantt View Tower Karachi, Pakistan

Sir i have paid full amount of my flat , today i went to see my flat but guard said u r not allowed, i go to the office,staff told me to pay maintainess charges 48000 and RO plant charges 100000 rs .
they never told me about RO plant charges , no electricity or gas is available ,there us a lot of work remained on the project , why they r asking for maintainess charges ? project is also late ,they took 300000 from me as a punishment for nit paying regularly ,now there project is late what r my rights ?
i paid full amount i have right to see what they have done ,
plz order them to give me key of my flat i need to see the work done by them .

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