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By: Haseeb

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Careem Lahore

Hello, yesterday i booked a ride from emporium mall to my destination from careem app. The ride showing was careem go saver white suzuki wagon r however when the captain arrived it was a honda city car. The captain told me that ur ride has been shifted to careem premium. You have to pay the premium price but dnt worry the rest of the amount will be transferred back to you. I said ok no worries but when we reached the destination and he showed me the amount of PKR 4100+ i was literally shocked. But he convinced me somehow that dnt worry u will be only charged for the go saver fare( it was 766RS) and the rest will be transferred back to you by careem in ur app. I paid him 4500 coz i didnt have change. He took it and now its been 10hrs and still no money in my wallet while his number is also OFF. I was notified through careem app that my fare was 766 that means he was a real captain coz he ended the ride. But how the hell he showed me an amount of 4000+ in his mobile on careem app.
I am shocked to see such a big scam in careem. Such a big platform and full of loopholes. They are hiring thieves and further motivating them to do fraud. I am waiting a few more hours and try contacting the captain after that m going to submit my complaint to FIA.


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  1. Hi. This same guy scammed me today aswell and this same drama happened with me aswell. He took 3000 from me when my fare was only 516. I was not too far from emporium mall aswell. I even contacted the helpline during the ride because my live location was not working and the person on other side told me that they are aware of it and how he will charge me for the actual ride and that they will restart the app to fix my live location issue aswell but none of it happened. So i think some of the staff is also involved in this scam

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