Careem / misguiding customer to cancel the ride which result in plenty to customer.

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By: Fahad997

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I applied for two consecutive rides today, on first ride when i contact driver, he asked me to cancel the ride by myself just because of the reason that he dont want to take the ride at far destination (sadar to korangi) and misguide that it will not charged any plenty to customer which is -109 in my account.
On second drive the same behavior was seen that on contacting driver asked me to cancel the ride just because he just recently came from korangi (last ride) and do not to take me to my destination which was korangi.
Its so disappointing to see such behaviour of careem today. I will think thrice before planning to travel via careen. And this bad image will hit so hardly in my firm, academic institute and in my contact circles as well.
Careen need to evaluate this behaviour and sort it out by some mean.
Dr. Fahad Khalid

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