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By: Tazeem Ahmed

Contact information:
Creem Islamabad

My name is Tazeem Ahmed Id1421773 today my account is blocked I visited creem office they said me I’d blocked on behaviour issues please recheck all issues my all house expenses depending on creem earnings plz plz.

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  1. Muhammad Aqib

    By: Muhammad Aqib
    Contact information : 03175030477
    My name is Muhammad Aqib ID1735260
    Fewdays ago my Id is blocked. I visited creem office blue area islamabad they said me Id blocked due to wrong lucation, behaviour issues etc.
    Please recheck all issues my all house expenses depending on creem earning please sir.
    Next time i am very careful about creem rules.

  2. Muhammad Waqas

    Today i go Careem office blue area they ask me id block behavior issues my name Muhammad Waqas my car pmyl loan scheme and only earning through Careem I am very worried about please open id if I work and pay bank loan

  3. Muhammad Waqas

    My name Muhammad Waqas today visit Careem office blue area they ask me your ID block behavior issues my car pmyl Loan scheme i am very worried about who can i pay bank loan please open id i work better and pay bank loan

  4. My name is Yasir kiani my id is block and now i dont know how to contact with careem ….i lived in islmbd and the careem office is closed because of lock down please help me our how i contact wth creem…03175432690

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