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By: umer

Contact information:
Dakham.com shop#199,Mezzanine Floor , CROWN SHOPPING CENTER, SHADMAN TOWN, KARACHI

i ordered i10tws earphones for Rs 2000 and received i7 single side which is not even worth Rs 500. The phone number they called me from for order confirmation is switched off
and the website Dakham.com is down. There shipping address is shop#199,MEZZANINE FLOOR,CROWN SHOPPING CENTER, SHADMAN TOWN, KARACHI. I have attached the photo of the product i received which is clearly not i10-tws.

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  1. I have had the same problem but the courier trax said it was in gulshan-e-iqbal. I bought i10 and they sent me a single i7 which is less than 500. They are a complete scam

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