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By: Madiha ali

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Devisers Immigration Advisers

I have had the worst experience ever with Devisers .Yes the initial meetings and unrealistic promises they make take you to a fascinating world but the story unfolds as your case proceeds and you realize that how many lies were told to you.Leave alone being there for 5 years they will even call police if you try to tell them that your case is refused because of their negligence and mistake.
Please don’t fall in trap with them Sataish was the sales lady who had told us all the fake stories I have all the proofs against them.They have threatened me to take the legal route and their owner Zohaib will never ever meet me.Anyone wants to have a detailed conversation please message me I will provide you all the details regarding them and their UK Office.They have taken the entire money from us in advance and as per the contract if it’s their mistake they should refund the amount I was called by Yasmeen that Zohaib is confirming that your money will not be refunded you can take the legal route.This is how they behave with you once the visa is refused.

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  1. Hi madiha
    I have read ur message above. Can u tell me the outcome of ur case because its been 9 months now since u posted that message. I am also trying to find reviews about this company. Hope to get a reply from u. Thsnk

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