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By: Faisal shahzad

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Hair ac Lahore
Naeem electronic

Instalments pori de zeeshan butt ko 8400 usny purs main dal kar khtaa mujy nai diye pory ur manna nai ur zuban be bhut ghandi use ke main apkaa costomer ho time se phly acc clear kiyaa har baar par zeeshan butt shalmar branch py is bandy ke zuban theek nai hai isky khilaf ap action lain

Zeeshan butt nami banda recovery kartaa hai aaj usny bhut ghandi language use kee instament be pori dee hazar extra ly liaa ur manna be nai badly main bhut ghatiyaa zuban istamal ke yeh maslaa tu branch manager ny solve karwaa diaa par is bandy ny bhut ghatia zuban istamal ke ur diss hard kiyaa faisal shahzad nam hai meraa ur acc be time se phly close hoty hain ap isky khilaf inqurey karain ur khud check karen apky costomer ko yeh banda kaise dishard kar rahaa hai .

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