Hesco / Billing showing bogus arrears since sep 2015

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By: Dhani bux s/o Hadi bux
Posted on: 16/12/2016

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In sep 2015 a bill of Rs 3488 was sent to me with a bogus arrear of Rs 2331 when my actual bill was of Rs 1157. The instalment of Rs 1250 was made to pay. I complained for it to Hesco office they satisfied me that it is completely happened due to computer error and will be corrected next month .After that till today that bogus arrear has been become a part of my bill as it is an actual due to me. Last month I made an application to sod hesco Kunri he also satisfied me to solve the problem but till today it is in pending. The current actual bill of November 16 is only Rs 124 and bill received with the instalment of Rs 500 and arrear is above Rs 3300. Till to day I have paid Rs 2663 extra but that bogus arrear increasing continuely. So you are requested that there is not any due to me so please remove that bogus arrear from my bill and deposit my extra paid money to my hesco account.

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