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How to Register a Complaint in Consumer Court of Pakistan

Learn How to Register a Complaint in Consumer Court of Pakistan. Because majority of our people don’t know about their rights. Now you can file a complaint against any manufacturers or service providers without paying any court fee.

Consumer Court of Pakistan

Consumer Rights Commission of Pakistan is a civil initiative that supports consumer rights and fights for it. It came into being in 1998 under the Trust Act of Pakistan 1882. Consumer Rights Commission of Pakistan is a nonprofit organization that is private in nature of its operations and dealings, meaning that it is not a government institute. Like all other nonprofit, non-governmental institutions Consumer Rights Commission of Pakistan gets funds and donations through proper fund raising and hire volunteers to execute the course of action in proper manner.

Consumer Rights Commission of Pakistan is entirely an independent organization that gets no support from any commercial or industrial sector. Being the first and sole national consumer organization that takes care of consumer basic rights, Consumer Rights Commission of Pakistan has been successfully creating a difference because of its comprehensive and active approach towards consumer issues. CRCP actively addresses intricate issues of governance by keeping alignment with market practices.

Aim of CRCP (Consumer Rights Commission of Pakistan)

The core aim of CRCP (Consumer Rights Commission of Pakistan) is to provide safety to consumer rights and spread awareness about consumer rights. The real success of Consumer Rights Commission of Pakistan is in facilitating all consumers with all their actual rights and empower them legally.

The Purpose Behind Establishing Consumer Rights Commission of Pakistan

Majority of people do not know that consumer rights are actually an integral part of civil rights. Talking about consumer rights in Pakistan may raise eyebrows in people who are unaware of this concept but in reality consumer rights is a basic fundamental right that a government is obliged to provide.

The problem arises from the root where strong public and private sectors take advantage of oblivious approach of consumers towards their rights and exploit it to the fullest. This causes Pakistan a state of informal markets and monopolistic nature of businesses.

In Pakistan, the situation is really worse for consumers as our government pays no heed towards consumers’ needs and concerns. Moreover, the lack of awareness among citizens and the popular culture of not questioning the higher authorities and government makes the situation really pathetic. As a result, government is now indifferent towards consumer rights concept and they really need to make an effort to systemize and formulate a proper mechanism to approach consumer grievances and offer protection.

As a consumer you can ask the manufacturer, supplier or company to compensate you for all the damages, mental and physical trouble they have caused you. As a consumer you should know your rights and the right time to act and register your complaint in Consumer District Courts. For instance, you can also charge your mobile phone service company for over charging or unjust deduction by simply writing an application stating your grievances. Moreover, as a responsible citizen you may approach the manufacturer or supplier before filing the complaint and settle down the matters before reaching to courts.

Process of Registering Complaint in Consumer Court of Pakistan

Whether Pakistan’s government facilitates consumer rights or not but they have setup legal district consumer courts in major districts of Pakistan where a consumer can legally register their complaints. Currently in eleven districts of Punjab district consumer courts are actively operating since year 2007. People from other cities and districts can register their cases in these eleven district consumer courts. Ideally, the aim of these district courts is to provide protection to consumers against manufacturer, supplier, shopkeeper, retailer or any service provider. Consumers can claim their issues of discrepancies and grievances against any product manufacturer or shopkeeper etc. Justice must be served as soon as possible and free of cost. Consumers can alternatively file their complaints to DCO (District Coordination officer).

Issues that can be Filed

Following are the issues, consumers can file their complaints in district courts:

  • Poor quality of products that are harmful and hazardous to health
  • On any product the date of manufacturing and expiry dates are not mentioned.
  • No display of price list on sale point
  • Receipt of any products are not given by the shop
  • Details of product price and related stuff is not mentioned on receipt.
  • Misleading product advertisement that leads to false expectations
  • No warranty
  • Over pricing
  • Bad service

Procedure to File Complaint in Consumer District Court

The process of filing a complaint in consumer court of Pakistan is really easy and pretty simple. The best part of this procedure is that at any point you will not need a lawyer and there is absolutely no court fee.

All you have to do is to serve a mere fifteen days’ notice period on plain paper to service provider or company through a registered post. In case, consumer court does not resolve yours complain within fifteen days’ period then you can file a claim on plain paper within subsequent fifteen days to Consumer Court. Furthermore, while filing a claim you have to attach a copy of legal notice, copy of your CNIC, Receipt or any other proof you have against the party you are registering a complain. Court may decide to punish the violator either with imprisonment of up to two years or with fine of Rs. 100,000 or both along with the obligation to pay out the damages or compensation.

Procedure of Filing a Complaint before DCO (District court officer)

Consumers can directly file a complaint before District Coordination Officer on plain paper for not displaying price list, poor quality of product or service, non-issuance of receipt and no mention of expiry and manufacturing date on products etc. DCO have less authority as compared to District Consumer court therefore he can only fine the violator up to Rs. 50,000.

It is true that like a typical Pakistani system, district consumer courts in Pakistan also bear similarity in their procedures and dealings but if as a consumer you know your rights then you can ask for them with staunch insistence. Courage up and know your consumer rights and don’t let the commercial and industrial mafia exploit you and your hard earned money.

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  1. Dear Sir / Madam
    It is a common practice all over the world, of using a computer printer to print a receipt, however, the hitch is that the print out is taken out from a printer which doesn’t preheats the ink and thus the printed receipt is deleted within no time. Leaving the customer with no proof that what and from where he has bought, and at what cost. meaning by he is left with no proof. Thus no court case and the
    it is requested that gradually this printer should be banned and proper permanent ink printers should be used.
    If the logic is given that there is no problem in the rest of the world with that printer then let me say there the system of consumer protection is working for very long and it is extremely strong. What is happening in the world we are not concerned.
    lets build our nation our way.



    Dear Team!

    My complaint Departmental store the mart (Gulshan-e-Ravi Moon Market) My many time visit insult Bank ATM
    Credit card not swap Due to Less Then 1000 Amount .Return Card Not Allowed State Bank I Said Show My SOP BANK /Consumer court Law .I request For you personal surprise visit The Mart departmental store ,many People hyper but not Action The departmental owner or staff Behavior.

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