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By: Eman hussain

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This Hospital is not good. Doctors are not polite to patient. They are earning haraam. I visited many times but returnd without chkup . Gyne doctors are ill mannered. Gyne emergency doctors are using cell phones all the time. They do not hear the problem of patient . Instead of this they say No to come on sunday even on your critical condition .

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  1. Usman irfan Ahmad

    اسلام و علیکم سر میرا 2 سے 3 بار انڈس ہسپتال مظفرگڑھ میں میڈیکل ہو گیا تھا لیکن جوائننگ کےلیئے کوئی کال نہیں کی میرے ساتھ نہ انصافی ہو رہی ہے مہربانی کر کے میری مدر کی جائے
    1 pharmacy assistant 02/10/2015
    2 Receptionist 03/03/2019
    3 CCTV Camera
    My Contect No plz 03218056875

    1. Regret to say that all the Doctors have poor service and lack of knowledge. Because of them a 22 year old boy passed on, they do not guide their family for patient condition just simple excuse no bed available.
      I strongly request people’s to do not donate for this kind of Hospital where do not have propel treatment.
      Please do not waste your money .

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