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By: Miss azmat

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My balance is automatically deducted from my sim I didn’t use it and when check my balance it’s 0. Why plz…. Explain it

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  1. Akhtar shamim

    My balance is cut down even though i didnt used it…. Plz let me know the problem…..

  2. Why you are deduct my balance without usage its not a good service that’s not fare you deduct our balance without any usage kindly let us know about that

  3. Allah Ditta Minhas

    When recharge balance deduction.i don’t have any idea why like this.your helpline not received call to resolve this issue.kindly help me

  4. Nadeem Ahmad

    My balance suddenly deducted during using free mbs internet why? My no. Is 03211621000 plz sold this problem thanks

  5. Matiullah Jan

    This is my number 03076391306 kindly let me know why you deduct my balance without any usage it’s not fair

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