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By: Muhammad Azhar

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Jazz Shujabad

Dear Team,

We are facing very weak signal of networks.There is no network coverage of any network.It is twenty first century but we have no network coverage. It is very bad condition for us.we often complaint to help line and also give them our location but it is useless because no one take it seriously.Our location is near about 8 km away from the main city of shujabad.kindly guide us and help us to provide the tower of network.we will fulfill all the requirements.our papulation of area is 10 K.
Kindly send the team to visit the place and solve the issue.Our location is Basti marah tehsil Shujabad district Multan and our current location is attach in mail.kindly find it and resolve the issue as soon as possible.

Best Regards!

Muhammad Azhar

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