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Dear concerns ,
I want to divert your attentions towards your KFC Jail road Opposite PIC Lahore branch. where your staff attitude is very poor and Pathetic. they are not trained to serve people but they are trained for to misbehave with your customers. In recent i visited your location and found there are no proper identifications of place to where i will place my order for takeaway and no proper marking for standing or sitting outside the branch. When i approached towards your main entrance one female staff badly interrupt me and almost use Punjabi language of (oooyy ) and stopped me , shout on me to stand aside and place your order from faraway. Its not a way to deal with the customers . It is your staff responsibility to properly guide the customers and also place a table or counter to deal or communicate in mannered way.
And than a deaf and dumb person was introduced with me to place order to him. I want to get information about your deals but he is not able to do so.
No one attend me properly in the end when i told them that i want to take away my order there are no proper arrangements or cloth bags to deliver the customer and told me that it is your headache to handle your order from the tray (You can charged extra cost of it from customers)

I am regular customer of KFC but it is first time with me to face such attitude and style.
Please immediately resolve my concerns and stop such issues and misbehave with customers otherwise it will damage your repute and i will tell dozen of my friends to do no visit your specific location due to poor handling and staff attitude

Faisal Mushtaq Advocate

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