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By: saman awan

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KFC Pakistan lahore

i am a regular customer of kfc, link road metro branch, it has been frequently noticed that the outlet is very dirty and unhygienic the groom they use for washrooms, the same grooms are being used for the dine in area. there was urine on the floor, the toilet was filled with massive urine stink which was then covered by spraying air freshner. this is the hygiene that you guys are providing the same groom which was used on the urine, was then used on the dine in area. there are hair strands everytime i stand in the take away for picking up the food. the seats are sometimes seen by strand of hair . there is always mess left on the table and we have to call the boy to pick up the tray and the left overs, always have to request them to clean. there are flies in the dine area too.this is your standard? with rising prices every week the food is being served cold while the drinks are warmer coz we receive the food after waiting for half an hour. major priority has been given for take aways. take strict notice against the staff inefficiency to manage the outlet .


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