Manager TCS Lalkurti Main Office / Excuse of No delivery in the area and did not contacted to inform the Receiver

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By: Muhammad Irfan

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Manager TCS Lalkurti Main Office Rawalpindi

Dhmial is in the delivery service area and they marked my mail as no service area. even they didn’t bother to give the mail to the dispatcher of the area. the dispatcher could contact and ask to come to the nearest service area instead of doing this, they simply marked the mail as out of service area. I am unable to visit their office during the day time. my office gets off at 6 PM and from office to Lal Kurti it’s around 2 Hrs of travel.
I requested customer service center agent Samir Mahmood to please arrange the delivery in the nearest area i will get it from there or give me a dispatcher number I will contact him and get it in the nearest TCS service area.
but he also refused to do that and simply said we can’t do that if you want you can get it from the Lal Kurti office or we will send it back.
my question is when you know that is out of service area than why you pick up the mail at pickup point you should tell them their that we cant deliver their. so it will be hazard-free for the receiver. and when you received it then please even try to contact the receiver and inform him or give a little favor which should be your duty, but can say a favor and deliver in the nearest service area. thanks

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