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By: Khansa jamil

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Mayo Hospital Lahore (Neuro Department)

My brother syed Kashif hussain shah had hydrocephalous disease.we came to omar hospital towards prof.shehzad shams,he said i will operate your brother tumor in mayo hospital because omar is we admit in mayo on 20 march 2018. Here 3 holidays were on 23 march and lhr local holiday and sunday.than after 26 march professor said to my father and said now a week of holidays of proffessors doctors are coming so i will operate your patient after father said my patient my son kashif shah is becoming down day by day so please kindly operate him.he said no gov do not pay me to operate on holiday so i can not operate with out fee.i said to profesor shams ok operate my brother tumour in omar private hospital he said no if i operate the patient in omar my repute will become down in front of staff and doctors.he even didnt check the patient since date of admission to operation day on 9 april.he operate my brother tumour on 9 april and than send to emergency Pothatic ICU and in neuro gharial ward lift close to 2pm and operation of my brother closed at 3 pm than almost 3 km stature is moving around hospital building on old track and than reached to emergency neuro ICU where nurses are always busy with their cell phones and cats and coakroaches are there …when we said to nrse please check the bp of my brother the were shouted yes and dont disturb us…but they did,nt chek the patient even bp …temp…one day my mother saw drainge tube were pulled out from my brother head and my mother asked from nurses why is it out from my son head..they replied we dont know…than dr amar came and he noticed drainge tube was out of head he shouted and asked from sistets they replied we dont know…bandage of my brother was also removed…than due to doctors and nurses carelessness my brother,s ct scan was again done and one another operation were done by dr amar even my brother was moving his hand ..legs and arm but dr amar operate wiyh out anesthesia….prof dr did not came after surgery y?junior doctors didnt bother to came to patient and at last they killes and murdered my brother on 14 april…kindly inquiry prof.dr shahzad shams…dr amar…dr usman..dr mureish…dr qurat ul ain…all nurses and lower staff of emergency neuro department ICu..ll are culprits of my brother…please we need justice

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  1. Danish Aslam

    Yes, they are very care free about the patients and don’t listen to them carefully they are very selfish and have no care of patients

    1. Dear sir fir number 391/19 0fence 302 is challan is delay because of carelessness of doctor Tahir South surgical ward Mayo Hospital lhr he have no interest his duty behave patient like bullman

  2. Tayyab Jameel S/o Muhammad Jameel

    Assalamualaikum.. Mr Muhammad Jameel C.R No:11105-09431355-1who is admitted on 29/01/2021 in Eyes department 4th floor. The nursing staff of morning and evening duty is doing its duty gradually good…but staff nurse whose name I do not know is too harsh and arrogant with patients. She talks in very arrogant manner… She doesn’t care if one is asking to put drops in his/her eyes.. She uses cell almost 3 hours of starting her duty time and then falls a sleep . Brings files through us on her table and just writ down her formalities but not actually.
    It’s humble request to inquire so that other patients like Muhammad Jameel bed no 14
    Safdar Abbas bed no 13 do not suffer in future.

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