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By: Annas

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Miotask.com Karachi

The miotask.com is fraud company. Actually the name of miotask is not based.there is no office in Pakistan. These also use another company name certificate.the certificate is not that person. They took money to innocent people and after that they say work is not available and u took your money back but they give not any money to people and block the person.and they also tell people we will refund u after 14 days but they can’t give back and block the person.

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  1. This is true it happened to me as well ..its a scam. They take registration fee and then say they dont have any work at the moment. They tell u to wait for a few days.when i contacted them aftr a week they didnt reply. I tried to contact a few times but no response

  2. They also lieabout refunding within 14 days. Which they obviously dont.. they just stop replying once they have the money

  3. Sana is absolutely right !!! And i agree with her comments, because this fraud have been happened with me in Jan 2019.and i have also submit its fee……they don’t reply !!!!!!!!!

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