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By: Ali Raza

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Naeem Electronics Branch Rahwali Cantt Gujranwala Gujranwala

I Ali Raza Cell phone No. 03127248172 a Government Servant and a have relationship with Naeem Electronics since very long. I have purchased many things from your company.
I have not been short or over due a single month’s installment.
My all accounts of Naeem Electronic are clear and nothing is due against me except this month’s installment.
My all installments have paid after 15th of ever month and some time after 20th of month paid.
Yesterday I was in my office and making presentation for worthy Secretary Health Govt. Of the Punjab and so much busy in my official work there for I have turned off my Cell phone. When I have turned on my cell phone a call from my home and informed me very depressed with so much shocked that the Recovery Staff from Naeem Electronic Branch Rahwali cantt came to my home and knocked on the door stupidly. He talked unethically uneducated and rudely with signal female at home. He made noise at my door step. He is informed about my absence and ask him to come in the presence of your costumer. But he take every hight of besharmi.
There was no one male to teach him how to speak with a female.
The female came out and went to the neighbors for rest of your company recovery agent.
He also knocked at my neighbors door and there was also a female present at home.
She asked him to please go away and come in the presence of any male don’t use foolish and rude language but he also misbehaved with her and say that Ye jo AP k ghar gain hay esy bahar nikalo hum is k bap k molazim nai hen AJ hum qist ly kar he Jay gy.
Half hour he barking in the street and unfortunately no male person is there to teach a lesson.
After all this drama created by your compny representative recovery agent, he leave saying that hamen kal taking qist na pohanchi to costumer k against complain krwa den gy.
First of all I am your company costumer and responsible for any misconduct not any one other at home. Who give the authority to harassment of females home alone.
If you make complain on costumers why the Recovery agent take bush in his mouth creat drama and like a uneducated Eletrat person.
I am so much disappointed and feeling very bad on the behaviour of recovery agent.
It is requested you to take strict action against the responsible and ask him to came to my home again and ask for installment like he asked in my absence or Opology on his mistake and never ever do this again. Otherwise I will see you in court.


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