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By: ahsan_ee
Posted on: 10/07/2016

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It has been 4 days that my granny passed away in this hospital. yet she was there for 5 days in ICU. As soon as i heard the sad news of my granny. we flown down to Karachi from Dubai. I am concern weather she received the proper treatment or not. As i will not jump to conclusion saying that OMI is responsible for death of my Granny. As being told by relatives that my granny when admitted to hospital she was able to sit, talk and speak, although her blood level was just 4. so the question comes here how come her health deteriorated that cause the death. in last 2 days she was not even opening her eyes. that lady which could see, sit and talk to the people. what all of sudden in just 4 days she profound to her paiinful death. why doctors keep saying that since her 1st date of admission that please keep praying.

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