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By: Farrukh Nisar

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Respected authorities
A PTCL POLE is placed infont and Center of my home main gate. It is very difficult for us to move in and out to our home. Kindly relocate that pole 2 feet forward or back so that we can easily move ourself and our luggage. Thanks

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  1. Danish Afzal


    Dear Sir reference to the above subject, just in front of my house a Local cable service provider has installed a big metal internet box on PTCL Pole, due to the electrical supply going to that box there is a severe chance of electrocution who lived in the vicinity.
    Previously incident happened with the same PTCL pole which got fired due to short circuit, Lucky my Karachi electric supply (KE) meter was saved but it was very near to that area.
    Written complain submitted to KE, as per them its nothing to do with KE because that box is installed on PTCL POLE.
    In future If any incident happen, PTCL would be whole sole responsible. I humbly request PTCL to Look in this matter seriously.
    Thanking you for your usual support.

    Danish Afzal
    A-99 Block2 Gulistan-e-Jauher

  2. Respected authorities,
    The ptcl pole is placed in front of my home entrance due to this I am unable to open main enterance gate kindly relocate that pole and move to some other location. Thanks
    Tahir Nawaz
    House no. E/725/5/ C-2 major Mustafa Shabeer shaheed road, meharabad, Alipark, bedian road Lahore cantt.

  3. Arshad Mumtaz Khan

    Dear Sir / Madam,
    With the reference of above subject ,we would like to inform you that  In front of my house a dead PTCL Pole means it is not use in PTCL from a long time although local cable service provider is using that pole and has installed a internet box that PTCL box  , which does not save for my family and we would request kindly remove this pole in front of my house because we are going to start construction main gate and that pole is in front .We will thankful to you to take necessary action at earliest .
    We will be thankful to you for your understanding and support on the above request.
    Arshad Mumtaz Khan
    Liaquat Avenue  8/4 Model Colony
     Karachi Pakistan
    Contact Number ; 0322 3939636

  4. Dear Sir,
    I would like to request to the authorities that the PTCL pole is coming in my parking area which is disturbing my car to park i would like to request you that please relocate the pole from my parking
    I shall be very thankful to you for this act of kindness.

    Saad Ahmed
    A626 block “N” street 5 North nazimabad, karachi

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