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By: Adam786
Posted on: 28/07/2016

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Rehmat Ali Shah spiritual healer

Black magic expert kala jadoo ka mahir amil rehmat ali shah
I was defrauded out of over £564 pounds by a fraudulent spiritual healer/psychic based in Lahore, Pakistan called Rehmat Ali Shah. He told me to send him money three times first on 10 June 2016 to do spiritual reading and then on 22 June 2016 he told me that he needs to buy material to cast a spell for me. And the third time he asked me for more money saying that the money I sent him on 22 June was not enough that he had to borrow material from someone else to complete the work. But he told me that the spiritual universe didn’t except the material so you have to send me more money to complete your work. So I sent him money on the 02 July and when he received the money he stopped answering my calls from whats-app and I messaged him as well and after a few days he did answer saying that it was Eid holidays. But I checked online it said that Eid holidays were already gone. And when I called him again he told me that his teacher from Bangladesh was visiting him so he told him about my situation and his teacher has higher spiritual power then him and he would like to speak to me to sort out my situation. And he told me to call after a few hours so his teacher can speak to me and when I called this person didn’t sound like he was from Bangladesh. So I told him he said that we all have one voice and then he started to tell me how he can make my situation better and then he started to ask that he needed £255 to get material like rose flowers and herbs so I told him I will think about it so I hanged up the phone. Then I realized I’ve been scammed out of my hard earned cash by these low life scum bastards! This is the link to the website I found this spiritual healer… . And his Whats-App number is 923006142075. Do Not Send Him Any Money Through Western Union Or Any Other Way He Is A Big Fraud!!!

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