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I have received a bill of Rs.15,040 (Rupees Fifteen Thousand and Forty only) for the month of May 16. My consumer number is 60637825674 and Meter number is GN28564792. Previous Reading is 00682000 and current reading is 00714000. Difference is 00032000. Total Gas Bill for this month comes to Rs. 203.72 including Meter Rent and General Sales Tax. I have been paying all the bills regularly in time. In the current bill there is an Entry of Rebate / Readjustment where an amount of Rs. 14,843 is written and this way total bill for the month of May 16 has been written as Rs. 15,040.
Complaint: What is this Rebate / Readjustment? As I remember and it can also be checked from the record that no such Rebate has been given to this Gas Meter till now. Therefore, please correct the bill ASP so that I can pay the actual bill in time i.e. till 13 Jun 16. It is further added such clerical mistakes play negatively with the nerves of consumers and hence should be avoided. When I come to your Office near Swan Rawalpindi to get my bill corrected by using my own transport in the month of Ramadan and wasting my precious time, who will be responsible for this loss to me? Wrong bill is issued by your office but its consequences are coming on me, why? Will some body ask the person who has made this clerical mistake? In the time to come, I shall be looking forward for the answers to my above questions from your office. Therefore, plz correct the bill ASP and re-issue duplicate copy. Regards. My contact Number is 03215803791

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