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By: Amin K

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Springfield Farms Islamabad

Asif the owner is a fraud he took my money and never completed a house… i am finding out there there others in gulberg and bahria. He is a fraud and launched this project he will surly take your money and spend it on his lavish life style….

Do not belive the hype on his with pictures with ambasdors he had a stupid magazine no one reads called vertex international magazine, where hes shows ambasdors he can feature them so he can show people he has important friends.

Also he will talk to happy customers who have had houses.. noor is his sister and lies, other are his friends.. It is not worth all the headache of you losing your money and fighting in court for 5 years..

Best you buy land and build yourself or buy when the house is 100% completed and titled transfer. Asif has not transfered titles and has spent lots of peoples money

2 thoughts on “Springfield Farms Islamabad / Asif is fraud”

  1. Raja Younas

    Dear Brother,

    I hope you would get a chance to read my reply to your backfire behavior. I opened reviews to write mine as I have got one farm house from him last year and I was glad to write and inform others about great developement .As I know Asif from last 15 years and its important to tell people the realities at the same time,I feel alot angry and disappointed to read you whole fake story.Becasue when I know someone from last 15 years,I can tell this much clearly atleast that my brother is not Fraud and he is more than a brother to me because he won my heart with his humble nature and honest behavior.I have seen him with all hardwork and painful journey and facing everything with brave heart.If he is rewarded with great success and outstanding lifestyle ,someone should not get jealous of this.If you call him Fraud’ he would have ran away like others and got settled abroad with all your money you are claming here.However I would say there are delays and problems in every business as noone stays happy and satisfied in construction of houses no matter whatever they provider do the best with. But writing fake and bad reviews on internet is a abusive behavior. And also If you call him Fraud then he could not be able to sell a great number of farm houses and I have seen him with all great patience and hard work. Please give yourself chance to earn this respect instead of getting jealous. If you your issues with him are serious ‘they would have resolved on a table talk and not dragged here on internet.
    Good luck brother !

  2. don’t not buy here google ‘Asif Chaudhry vertex’ there are so many people who are frauds by him.

    If you don’t believe me go to bahria enclave you will see lots of real estate and builders. Ask them about vertex and Asif Chaudhry houses.

    They will all tell you he is a crook, lots of his houses fell collapsed, he didn’t. Finish a lot of houses, the first 10 he made were good quality after the other the quality was awful.

    One builder was telling me he didn’t not use the right ratio for cement and sand since he wanted to save money, if you go behind the vertex houses on the wall and roof can see the houses cement is Geting eroded with the rain.

    There are lots of gas leaks since he didn’t fix it properly, so the house resale value is much lower. These are the houses he built a lot of tiger people are stuck and never got house

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