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By: Mumtaz Hussain

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I am residing in Noorani Basti, my house number is 660, Street No. 9, Sector 40/C, Korangi No. 1, Karachi. my Customer # 291590000 (9) for last one month we have no gas supply available in my house due to reason I don’t know. In this connection I have made complaint on October 31, 2018 SSGC given complain No. 2917590840 but not any response received from SSGC, again I have visited personaly on November 11 and 22, 2018 at SSGC centre which located at Goodam Chowrangi, they assured that SSGC team will visit shortly. this is very disappointing me why SSGC giving me punishment me. we are facing a lot. I once again requesting your through this Bolta Consumer. I hope SSGC will try to solved my problem at their earliest.

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  1. Mrs. Asghar un Nisa

    Respected Sir,
    My consumer No. 5773590000 (3), residing at 541, Sector-40/A, Main Road, Chakra Colony, Korangi No.1. I am one of a regular Bill Payee. For the past several days/month there is acute gas shortage or no gas at all in Chakra Goth (Noorani Basti) residential area, causing this my husband and children goes to office, school, college, universities without breakfast, lunch and dinner on time.
    During peak hours from 6:00 AM to 11:00 PM no gas supply at all, after 11:00 PM gas supplied with normal pressure, which is not necessary during rest/sleeping hours. Sir, this cycle enormously disturbing our normal life, also causing money loss, our income is very low/limited, therefore, request your kind attention to look into the matter and increase the pressure to get enough Gas supply to the residential area.
    Your cooperation and kind attention is very humbly requested.
    Mrs. Asghar Un Nisa

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