Sui Southern Gas Company / Over Billing Due to Fault on Gas Meter

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By: Mr.Salman Shah

Contact information:
Sui Southern Gas Company

Customer No.9791521000(5)
Our Gas Bill from Last two Month is very high.
Gas Bill of Feb,2019 Rs.1230
Gas Bill of March,2019 Rs.1225
Bill charge on Nill Consumption ( 107 unit per Month)

We Request to High Authority of S.S.G.C Company kindly check meter & Replace

charge next month bill on Original Consumption not base on previous Bill

Kindly Keep Action on My Complain
copy of bill Attached

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  1. I am Shayan Akhtar, tenant of the Flat A-16, Unique Classic, Block 15, Gulistan-e-Jauhar, District East, and Karachi. My consumer No: 1239350000 (9) & Meter with number A5391329.
    I have been receiving over charge bill since February 2019 by placing either bogus reading or irresponsible duty. My meter reading 00240989 same since June 2018, because we are not using any single things, which is run by gas. Suddenly meter reading increased I don’t know why. Meter reader atleast 100 unit increased per month suddenly last three month. This is totally wrong. My Current reading not matches actual meter reading. Meter reading same since June 2018, question who is given this bogus reading, which fake reading, not math my current meter reading, technical team can also check.

    Now wish to request you to carry out a test on the meter at my home. I look forward to hearing from you with a suitable date for the test to be carried out.

    I therefore make a request on the compassionate ground, please correct the over charged bill and take necessary action against the meter reader so that he would able to perform his duty properly in the future and please be registered my complaint in the office.

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