TCS Courier / CN # 40601728496 not delivered at Rawalpindi address till today.

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By: Zafar Mehmood

Contact information:
TCS Courier Lahore

A document was sent to Rawalpindi address on 2nd July 2019 and that is not delivered till today. Upon calling customer service it was updated that the address is incorrect. Consignee was called on 3rd July 2019 where as Address is correct and consignee was not called and the person mentioned this is not providing the correct information.
Today on 10th July 2019 again i was updated that the consignee was called and the phone didn’t responded where as consignee was not called. A complaint number 2993737 was also lodged that was not satisfactory with a lame excuse that address is incomplete. Infact the person from TCS did not called consignee.

I am extremely disappointed with the pathetic service of TCS. And there is no clue; i am getting about my documents that are misplaced some where between TCS offices.
Today i contacted on Chat service to get help and the person instead of solving the problem advised me to collect the documents again from the TCS office. I was surprised to hear from the person that the return address is also not correct and thats why it was not reached back. This is most dumb explanation given for avoiding to help someone that is already going through tense situation.

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