TCS express / Insulted by your staff and poor customer service

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By: Hamza Ahmad

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TCS express Lahore

My documents were not delivered to my home. When I got to your office they blamed me. First they said I didn’t wrote the correct address. I tallied it with my ID card it was correct. Then they blamed me for not providing correct contact number. I tallied it as well and proved them wrong. Then they lied on my face saying that they have been calling me for several days about the courier. I showed them my log there was not a single call. After all this your customer care representative said “The address of your house is wrong”. So this means that NADRA printed wrong address on my ID card. Civil Court printed wrong address on my domicile. Foreign office printed wrong address on my passport. And WAPDA, PTCL, SUI, they all are fools because they are sending our bills to the same address for the past 40 years. Instead of admitting that there delivery guy was unable to find the address the said my house wasn’t on the write place. This has happened several times before. U really have a poor service. And you charged me for insulting me rather then providing service. I had to go and collect the document from your office but TCS charged for home delivery. What are you guys charging for here.

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