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By: muneer

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tcs karachi

This is to inform that the consignment was booked for delivery for Sheikhupura on 07th Octboer,2019, and the consginment number was given as 306027163930. But amazing to inform that till this time the consignment has not been received / delivered so far. Whereas, after checking from tracking side of TCS, it is astonsihed to share that no any person of TCS visited the mentioned address of delivery but, tracking shows that the tcs person visited house but it was found closed. How it shall be possible that house can be closed whereas family is residing inside the house.Besides, on 08th October,2019, the day of delivery of consignment, i personally tracked the consignment of tcs tracking and it was showing c=scheduled for delivery and this was mentioned till 7:45pm. Moreover, today, tracking tcs shows that the tcs person visited for delivery but house was closed. That is totally mis-statement and concealing the factual position. This is un bearable and un tolerable to bear such situation. What to talk about the performance and delivery of service of tcs for common man and how they are misleading the statment. Tcs is lacking the trust and confidence of general public on eve of such poor performance. it is really shocking news. No more words to talk any more on tcs if this goes on for long. please do something best for delivery of consignment on urgent basis without any further delay.

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