TCS ”Service” / Atm Card Not Delivered twice

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By: Ahtesham

Contact information:
TCS ”Service” Lahore

My Atm debit card was dispatched by my bank on 18 jan 2020 and without any contact from TCS delivery man it got returned on 26 jan 2020. i contacted my bank for details next morning and they say they will dispatch it again to my mailing address and with my contact info on the courier package. so they did send it yet again on 29 jan 2020 and guess what TCS “GREATEST SERVICE IN THE WORLD” didn’t even bother to contact me on my cell phone and yet again returned it to Karachi for god know whatever reason. my mailing address have no issue with it i have make deliveries to my home many times before but this is the first time it happens and its the worst. i contacted TCS help line and bravo help line also not working. Overall TCS is gone low on their service and standards .

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