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By: Syed Obaida

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This has become a general practice by all the courier services in general and TCS in specific, and it happens specially in the small cities that instead of taking the package to written address they make a call or text on the given contact number and ask the recepient to collect it from the office instead. Do the charge the customers this much for this kind of service?

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  1. I received a call from TCS office 021-38797432 on 23/1/20 that pick your Alfalah card from I-9 Islamabad TCS office. I asked them could you drop that card for me in PIMs hospital, she said no and asked me to pick from TCS office. I told the lady that my husband will pick that tomorrow. My husband went next day on 24/1/20 and staff at I-9 office told him that we have sent your card back to bank as wife has told her that she cannot pick. I didnot told that lady that I cannot pick plus SHE WAS IN A REAL HURRY AND NOT HEARING WHAT CUSTOMER IS SAYING. They told my husband to go to bank again and your card will com tomorrow.

    KINDLY INQUIRE INTO THIS MATTER AS NO CUSTOMER IS SO MUCH FREE THAT HE/SHE WILL KEEP ON VISITING TCS OFFICE AND THEN BANK. There should be proper disposal of cards and also Person receiving/sending calls should be responsible.

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