55002961553 / Courier returned without contact to client

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By: Subedar Muhammad Raees Khan Baloch

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55002961553 Rawalpindi

I Subedar Muhammad Raees Khan Baloch my courier booked vide no dated 55002961553 dated 15 Oct 2020 but your dispatch rider not approached me, he did not check location physically and wrote their remarks this not TCS area. Ago this courier many courier were received me. Kindly check and why did approached me on my cell phone or landline number. In this negligence my degree has been misplaced. Please inquire and informed me other wise I approached to your higher authorities.


Subedar Muhammad Raees

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  1. 772623250003/TCS rider called my client about location but did not deliver and left pacel in area office
    I, Abdul Sami booked TCS courier on dated 20/10/2020 from Gulshane hadeed to Baldia karachi, but it not delivered till 23 october and delayed too much, my client contacted TCS rider two three times but instead of delivering parcel to her location he left the parcel in Tcs area office. so please bound your team to ensure delivery the same day or at least next day.
    our clients feel embarrassment and mental distress because of TCS team and our home business also causes loss as being small home women worker selling clothes / things hardly online trying to earn livelihood for our children but because of some of your lazy tcs team workers ,we are suffering very badly. Please improve service . Regards

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