ABA bank / utility bill not received

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By: muhammad rafique

Contact information:
ABA bank wah

It is submitted with great concern that ABL branch code 0697 (Bahatar More Wah Cantt) is not receiving the utility bills since 13th (Friday) March, till today due to un-serviceability of net facility in the bank. It is pertinent to mention that net facility is available in the area. The complaint was put before the manager of the bank and he also refuse to take the bills. Manager stated that it is our bank policy no work is to be done without net. Its mean that there is all the work has been stopped in the ABLs for last four days because the server of the ABL system is down (according to the bank manager). There is not alternate method to do work without net facility. It is also mentioned that there is no other bank nearby Model Town. We hope you will take necessary action to resolve the problem not to repeat and solve such problems on priority. The ATM receipt system of this bank not working about last 15 days. Thanks for your attention.

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