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By: Naveed Younas

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ATM/Debit Card Lahore

Last night i.e. 08-09-2020 at 10:56 pm and 10:57 pm 2 transactions of Rs. 25,000 each were made through my Debit card through ATM from ATM machine Kashmir road, Rawalpindi. At the same time I was in Lahore and I have my ATM card with me. I called helpline and got my ATM card de-activated immediately. The help line person told me that the scammers have first done Balance Inquiry through my fake ATM card information and then proceed with 2 transactions as mentioned above. I do not have any duplicate or Secondary ATM cards. The help line have registered my case and forwarded to FRM. I would request the concerned department to investigate this scam activity and assist me to get my money back of Rs. 50,000. I am residing in Lahore, Valencia town and heard about this scam in this area many times and customers getting refund from their banks. Please do needful. Thanks. For proof please see my account transactions.

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