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By: Fatima Khan

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Bank Alfalah Abbottabad

Dear bank Al-Falah head office UAE,

I am a US citizen and I need to lodge complaint against your banker Mr. Ali Munawar (premier bank manager at Abbottabad main Manshera road branch) for unethical banking practices and fraud along with conspiracy. Mr. Munawar conspired with Mr. Yasar Khan and took my signatures to open bank account in June 2022. He didn’t open the account until months later without my presence or permission. He conspired with Mr. Yasar Khan who is my ex-husband to commit fraud and drain my account of approximately 2.35 crore rupees equivalent to 80 thousand dollars. He prevented me from logging into my account, prevented me from getting my bank statements and conspired with Mr. Yasar Khan to withdraw approximately 2.35 crore without my consent leaving only 388 rupees or $1.32.

I am requesting Bank Al-Falah refunds my money. Otherwise I will escalate this matter to international banking regulators for money laundering and fraud by your employee Mr. Ali Munawar who is equally responsible for financial damages I have suffered and I will also be lodging complaint against your employee for fraud and active participation in this crime with FBI.

If this matter is not resolved by end of business day September 1st, 2023 I will be escalating this matter to international community.


Fatima Khan

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