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By: Waqas

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Bank Alfalah Rawalpindi

I rue the day I opened an account with Alfalah and gave it to my many clients. Now I’m stuck as many of my clients are overseas and it takes 2+ months to submit a new account and then wait for it to process. This has been the worst bank I have ever experienced. Their staff won’t even say hello to you untill they look at your bank balance and then all of a sudden they’d ask you tea and coffee and try to sell you investment opportunities or whatever s*** makes them money. If you have any issue, it’s better to go to a darbar and pray for it to sort out rather than trying their helpline. Helpline has never ever worked for me. Last year it took me 4 months before I received a new ATM. 4 MONTHS. Why 4? Because some genius in their bank wrote the wrong phone number on the address and TCS would not deliver if phone number was unavailable. I made repeated calls and finally realized they had wrong number written on address, made correction, which took another 20 days, because God knows it takes 20 days to edit a number which you wrongly put, and even then they didn’t fix it on the envelope. I knew someone in TCS and asked him to look out for a package and he did and when I received it, the number written on the envelope was still wrong.

Now I’m told they have upgraded their system. I couldn’t use Alfa and ATM for two days and now that it’s upgraded, I have made a transaction to my Easypaisa which was debited from my account but never deposited to my Easypaisa. Made a call.. “We have registered your complaint. Ask tomorrow.” Called today and there was no complaint registered. Asked them to do it again, “Sir, system is not registering new complaints, please call in about an hour.” What an upgrade. Mashallah. Maza aa gia.

Storing your money in socks is better than opening an account with Bank Alfalah.

Ghatia tareen bank.


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