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By: Amir JanJan haqaani

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Book parsal Gilgit

12 june ko isb sy gilgit ko book parsal kya ha. Aj 17 tk nhi mila.
Amir jan. Kitab ghar konodas gilgit. 03462974626


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  1. Muhammad Rizwan

    Be patience dear. We have one parcel from KARACHI to LAHORE in Feb.2020 but TCS did not contact the receiver through mobile number like other couriers LEOPARD, DHL, OCS ,PK-DEX etc are calling to confirm that we are coming for delivery. TCS guy Just ring the bell and on no reply they send the parcel back to Karachi.
    Not only this, we request the sender to send again, so he send on 3rd June 2nd time through TCS.
    This time we get tracking number from sender. Delivery time was 10 days but after 3 days we call each morning to track parcel (because online tracking not functional), we inform too many times that please call when parcel reached at Lahore office. After continuous calling, one day upon call we got it know that parcel sent back to karachi by TCS. When I contact through Whatsapp, TCS inform me that due to incomplete address we return the parcel back to Karachi.
    My conversation record is as under:

    [14:35, 6/20/2020] TCS: Assalam o Alaikum, This is Ashar from TCS Express, How may I help you?
    [14:36, 6/20/2020] Rizwan: Read the above mentioned detailed which is enough for your information.
    [14:37, 6/20/2020] TCS: As per TCS courier, your shipment is undelivered due to incomplete address mentioned on physical parcel, please contact your sender to re-dispatch with correct address details.
    [14:37, 6/20/2020] TCS: Is there any thing else i can help you with?
    [14:38, 6/20/2020] TCS: please contact your bank they will send it back
    [14:38, 6/20/2020] Rizwan: I just need that you track my courier# (30348662864). When it is Lahore then call the receivers number so she will collect. This is my third time for same document from KARACHI to LAHORE. Previously TCS return 2 times back to karachi
    [14:39, 6/20/2020] Rizwan: So why your illiterate people collect any parcel with incomplete address.
    [14:39, 6/20/2020] Rizwan: and not first time, its third time you people are playing the same.
    [14:40, 6/20/2020] TCS: please contact your bank they will send it back on your request we received your incomplete address on physical parcel from bank side
    [14:41, 6/20/2020] Rizwan: As soon as bank dispatch then we start calling on daily basis to track it, how you send back????
    [14:41, 6/20/2020] TCS: the bank was send their parcel in bulk quantity
    [14:50, 6/20/2020] TCS: Is there any thing else i can help you with?
    [14:50, 6/20/2020] TCS: If you have any other quires, please feel free to contact us through chats or call at (021)111 123 456
    [14:51, 6/20/2020] Rizwan: if you return bulk qty back then bank will say good for next time. Think before you pretend…..
    [14:52, 6/20/2020] Rizwan: Very poor mentality and poor service. Am fully disappointed and same experience I will share with my colleagues.
    [22:45, 6/20/2020] TCS: Respected customer. We are available for your support 24/7.

    If you want to chat with the customer Services Ambassador please click here

    You may also call us at 111-123-456.

    TCS Customer Services
    [22:48, 6/20/2020] Rizwan: Big drama. Not caring customers requests. Very very poor service. Am fully disappointed with TCS service.

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