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By: Abdullah

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On April 3rd around 8:30 to 9 pm I was shopping at Carrefour by Lucky one at Karachi. My family is a regular customers of yours and buys in bulk in around lacks per month for grocery and other shopping. I am U.S citizens visiting Pakistan for Eid and today when I was shopping I noticed during this Covid-19 pandemic situation when employees weren’t following any SOPs or government protocol I made a video and complaint to the cashier but he didn’t pay any attention. While he was charging me for grocery I noticed that price for 6 liter of Aquafina gallon which was labelled for Rs.140 each I took its photo and bought it along with other groceries. At the register cashier charged me Rs.15 more per gallon and when I complained the manager he told me “it is what it is, take it or leave it in a very rude and arrogant way” I made a video of his bad behavior but he tried to snatch my phone off my hands and threw it away which was my personal property. In the meanwhile around 15-20 of Carrefour staff members gathered around me and my brother and tied to push us around and kept throwing hands while I was making this video. One of the manager threw hands very aggressively towards my brother and other started and cornered us around. It was very fearful situation. They forcefully took us to one of the office in the basement and threaten us physically. One of the manager told us we wouldn’t be able to leave the premises without deleting the video. We were intimated and harassed beyond point and I quickly sent videos to my wife in case they made me delete the video. I was able to send some videos which I saved as evidence to prove how we were threaten for life. I was made to delete few videos.
If this is how the customers are going to be treated at Carrefour in Pakistan then it will damage the world wide image of Carrefour and the safety of its customers if they can be manhandled and blackmailed by your managers and security staff. I’ve never felt so unsafe before after they took me an isolated basement room and got 5-6 big guys rounded us and threaten to beat the hell out of us. Strong actions needs to be taken otherwise I’ll take this forward and proceed for my mental torture and trauma by myself. I’ve the video where they started yelling and screaming on us in large numbers and tried to corner us to share. I am attaching the picture of the manager who started this issue. Also attaching photos of tags which were later conveniently disappeared


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