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By: Ittisaf
Posted on: 10/07/2016

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My number is 0345-3951578. I sent Rs. 10,000 to CNIC no. 32402-7410926-8 on 19 june 2016 but I did not receive any transaction message. I complaint it to the retailer but he told that Amount has been sent to receiver and not giving any transaction ID by telling that he has deleted all his records. I also visited franchise to complain but they needed trans ID which I don’t have. So all efforts are fruitless. Solve my problem by telling me the transaction ID.

2 thoughts on “EasyPaisa / Transaction ID is not Recieved”

  1. my friend sent me some amount o my id card number? last week. i recieved trx id through sms , before receiving my amount from easy paisa shop i got that text message deleted. how can get my trx id ?

  2. Zubaida zubaida

    Mere essy passa account.se with out permission passy kat gai hn ku bhi har dafa mere.passy kat.jaty hn.mere.passy.wapas.karo

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