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By: Haresh Kumar
Posted on: 11/09/2016

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Dear Compliance Department
My friend sent 5000 (including taxes) through easypaisa from Shikarpur on 29-08-2016 at 4.32pm, I received message as well and I am and was in Hyderabad at office at that time, around 6.45 I went to collect that money, but surprised to know that the money was collected some one from Shikarpur, how it is possible that I was in Hyderabad and without my CNIC who can receive that money, when I inquired about the matter and was informed that money was given by “M/S Khilji Communication Main Lakhi Dar Road Shikarpur”, when I asked from him to whom you gave money he said to you where as I was at Hyderabad at that time and I asked vendor that have you CNIC of that guy who received that money he said we saw original CNIC and handed over money to him.

That is purely fraud with me the original beneficiary did not received the money and third person got that, there is no any check and balance for the vendors who are doing such type of fraud and how many peoples affected with that fraud,

I request to you please investigate the case and return my money my transaction ID is 538524408, and cancel the license of those fraudulent vendors.

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