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By: Waqar Ahmad

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I went to Gourmet Bakery GM Abad Branch Faisalabad at about 11:40 pm 16 May 2018. I purchased two bottle of refile gourmet cola in two liter quantity. I asked for one polythene bag (shopper).
Cashier has many polythene bag but did not give me one for refile bottle. I was disappointed and I return the refile bottle to cashier. However the cashier refused me for polythene bag.I want to say that Gourmet Bakery Product have very good quality. but I found that your cashier behavior very bad. I am regular customer Gourmet Bakery this branch. Maybe I shall not go to shopping at any Gourmet Branch cause of this behavior.

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  1. Agha Nisar a khan

    Today i bought gourmet zera raita.from gourmet bakery liyaqet chock sabzazar Lahore.
    When open at home it was just like a water.
    very disappointed about gourmet zera raita.
    And taste was also not good i can say its just white colour water not raita.
    Very bad.

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