Lemon tart. Pk / Consignment not received

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By: Muhammad Kashif Manzoor

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Lemont art. Pk Lahore

I have order two Ms Lemont art. Pk but I can receive one order from tcs and 2nd one was shown that consignee address not found. While the address are the same.

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  1. Please exchange my order or refund my money.
    I am not happy with the product quality n size. Customer service is very poor.

  2. Muhammad sajid

    Dear lemon tart my Order # 327035
    I have to order 17 April 2021 my order not received yet now

  3. Salaam hope every one is good and enjoying ramadan with blessing. actually i have 2 order punch but i haven’t received the parcel plz chq my parcel detail n update me thanks
    Order #325420

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