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By: Abdul Rahman Sani

Contact information:
LM CO Kasur

I ordered a mini drone online and instead of receiving that drone I got a useless wrist watch. And product detail is ES-DR(1099+200) | Order#ES-DR 002 |
The delivery boy just hand me over the package and run away after I just handover him the payment. I want my money back or send me ordered mini drone.
Shipper Address: H 99 National Highway N5, Near Total Malir Filling Station KHI.

2 thoughts on “LM CO / Mini Drone/Wrong Item Delivered”

  1. hello sir or madam i have ordered mini drone camera but i have received watch so i want to return watch so sir please contact me my name is asif ali this is my phone number 03480398170

  2. Hamza Abbasi

    HELLO dear LM CO, I have ordered a mini drone but when I checked it it was a useless wrist watch. what is this?
    I request you to clear this thing other wise I have to take some other way. I have also read some other complaints about same thing, so please clear this thing thanks.
    My TCS tracking ID is772543636325
    product detail: ES-DR(1099+200)|

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