One Carton containing fresh dry fruits / False report for non delivery of Consignment to M.Hamid Bashir

One Carton containing fresh dry fruits Reviews & Complaints

By: Muhammad Humayun

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One Carton containing fresh dry fruits Karachi

With claim of damages against TCS & TCS ChakwalI lodge complaint that on 31-5-19 I despatched One sealed Carton of fresh dry fruits purchased from Al Naseem Traders, Quetta tracking No:6561584733 Shipment details : Origion:Quetta-Destination:Chakwal-Booking date31-5-19 oo.05-Shipper:AlNaseeb Traders Quetta-Consignee:Mr.Hamid Bashir. As per TCS Chakwal center -current status has been shown :Closed on Arrival -Date time:6/3/19 12.16. Since 1stJune,2019, the consignee was regularly enquiring from TCS Chakwal person but replied Carton not yet
Received in TCS Chakwal. This intimation of non receipt replied till 4-6-19 upto 4.00 pm to Mr Hamid Bashir. later on at about 5.30 pm TCS Chakwal Representative intimated that now Carton will be delivered after Eid Holidays. This delivery report of 3-6-19 of the TCS Chakwal is patently false whic has caused mistrust and criminal breach of trust on the platt of TCS Chakwal Representative. My booked fresh dry fruits of more that Rs.15000/- will be rotten and serve no purpose to the consigned at Chakwal. TCS Chakwal people are full of lie, suffering from illusions and represent falsehood. As I have suffered mental torture, pain and agony therefore I call upon the authorities to make special immediate arrangements for delivery on 5-6-19 I.e First Eid day otherwise pay compensation amount of Rs. One Hundred Thousand only without fail within a week.

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