Outfitters online Shopping CN # 77455278759 / Non delivery of items purchased

Outfitters online Shopping CN # 77455278759 Reviews & Complaints

By: Muhammad Shahid Bashir

Contact information:
Outfitters online Shopping CN # 77455278759 Faisalabad

Dear team, I did online shopping from Outfitters store. TCS services messaged me that your items will be delivered – see below message.
“Dear Customer Your order from Outfitter Stores is scheduled for delivery today under CN 77455278759 Please keep the exact amount of Rs 6470 for collection“

Post this message I received a call from TCS team that my home is at non service area, hence I have to go to collection Centre of TCS located at Canal Road Faisalabad from 9 AM to 5 PM. I reached at TCS office by 3:00 PM and have been advised to come again tomorrow at 10 AM as the team who manages the items had left for the day.

This is total non-sense. As I reached TCS office within opening hours and been advised to visit again for collection.

Please look into this and delivery be provided to me at my given address which is – House #25, Rehman Villas, Satyana Road, Faisalabad.


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