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By: Shaaf

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Ptcl Broadband Lahore

I do have complained multiple times but it dosnet work!!! like i am getting sick of this!

For the past 5 months or so since i installed this service i have been having major problems regarding the conectivity of this connection and the highly inconsistent speeds!

I have had 20mbps vdsl since the begining but i found out that my block dosent support that package so the technical guy (Zohaib in my case) just downgraded it to 15mbps VDSL!

Even though VDSL is supposed to give you more reliable and consistent speeds up and down with a better latency, it has not been the case with me!

I have been recieving very inconsistent speeds and disconnections and have complained more than enough and even visited the headquarters of PTCL! So far my issue has not been resolved!

I recently found out that the DP in my area is literally non-existent!! Its broken and the wires are just connected in open air where Wind and rain causes disconnections and inconsistency in speeds! And it also causing low line parameter causing those speeds inconsistency!

I have attached some pictures of the DP in my area and you can see the damage! My technical guy who installed the service knows trhis and has just delying and ignoring the fact that the DP is broken!

I would like to request a DP in my area so i can have consistent and reliable speeds and also so i can convert my pckage to 25mbps without the instability in the wires!

Thanks for your time and i hope the a new DP gets installed in my area!

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