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By: Kokab

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I have a complain regarding messaging.. i mean i can make calls properly..but it’s been more than one month i’m suffering from this problem… i can’t send messages .. i am recieving the text messages but can’t reply anyone .. it always end up saying “Message sending failed” .
Tell me how do i fix this irritating problem ? ..
no issues other than that .. !

4 thoughts on “Warid / Sms sending failed”

  1. Sheikh abrar

    I can’t sent message to someone along my warid number i have receiving the messages but sent messages goes to failed . I’m sick of this it has been happening from 3 days i can make calls i can use internet but i can’t sent the messages

  2. Qasim Saleem

    I have a problem when i send a msg same msg come back that ” Msg sending failed to the …………
    Plz solve this problem…..
    My number is… 03219818281

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