Zong 4G Mbb Device / Internet Speed is too slow

Zong 4G Mbb Device Reviews & Complaints

By: Salman Ahmed

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Zong 4G Mbb Device Rawalpindi

The speed of zong mbb 4G device is too slow. It has a option that we can connect 10 devices at a time to this 4G device but its internet is not even working on one mobile. Please resolve this issue. Internet speed is very very very slow.

11 thoughts on “Zong 4G Mbb Device / Internet Speed is too slow”

  1. Syed Farrukh

    Sir internet device is working pathetic for last few days, kept restarting but the issue is same, 3-4 devices connected to internet only.
    Please help to check as the speed of internet is really not justified with its cost.
    From Model Colony (Near Airport)

  2. Sir kuch din se zong sim par 4g internet buot slow chal rha hai plz sir as problem ko hul karey plz
    Manga mand lahore

  3. Mudassar Ali

    I totally regret buying zong 4g mbb device, it has worst speed ever, random disconnect problems, i cant even browse google.com. I switched from PTCL charji to zong 4g in hope of better speed but in my opinion charji is still better at least it wont disconnect, sure it dont provide much speed but far superior connection. Using device in Rawalpindi, Khanna Road,

    1. Haroon Fazal

      Bro same here, zong 4G is shit.. it was too fast 2 years ago.. but nowadays,,, its worst. using device in ali pur farash islamabad

  4. I just topped up 2500 and 90 % of the time I’m buffering, 5 % disconnecting , and 5% slow, it’s terrible, I’m gonna burn it and get a telenor 4g or jazz, both work seamlessly well at least my friends do, and I only have 1 device connected

  5. i dont have money to have good internet but somehow i managed 7000 rs to buy zong device and have a 200 gb package on it … but it has worst speed … its downloading speed is 10 kbps to 90 kbps all the time .. i wasted my 7000rs … 🙁 … and the main thing is that before buying the device i checked the network coverage map of zong and my house was in excellent signal zone as shown by the zong website and they scammed me … now i regret it … kaash men uss waqt ptcl ka 15 mbps wala internet hi lagwa leta kaash …

    1. Zong 4G device is too slow from 2 weeks
      It is rubbish and it cant properly working on 1 mobile
      Plz resolve my issue
      There is a lot of complaints of zong mbb device

  6. zong mbb device is totaly rubbish its dont work properly its speed is tooooooooooo slow plaese resolve this issue plzzzzzzzzz

  7. Saboor Siddique

    I bought zong 4g USB device in February 2018. It worked very good in first 8,9 months but since after its speed and connectivity is worst. I buy Rs 2000 package (60 Gbs ) every month, but all in vain. Its speed is such low that it takes 1, 2 hours to upload a 30 mb file any where. And its connectivity is so pathetic that after every 1 , 2 hours it automatically disconnects. I am thinking of changing my network. Zong is exploiting us. They are just dacoits.

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